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Arlene Allison is an amazing Coach and mentor! 💫 Arlene has a wonderful gift of feeling and tapping into energy. Through her gift she helped me to uncover and feel peace, and to find relief from unanswered questions pertaining to my EX who I still care very much for. Through our dialogue we uncovered that I did have many blockages from the past that were causing me distress in relationships and repetitive patterns in turn causing unhealthy relationships. This vicious cycle had to stop! With Arlenes help and guidance I have learned to heal myself through many techniques and break those ugly and negative patterns. I feel healthy and strong and can’t wait to have my SP back into my life! I’m addition, with my healing, I have forgiven my Mother from childhood experiences of abandonment and neglect and I am happy to say our relationship is better then ever and I’m in my mid 40s! I feel great, I feel strong, I love me! All thanks to Arlene. Arlene has such a calming way about her. Her voice made me feel secure and safe, she has this real and nurturing presence about her. After my very first session, I felt so calm and at peace. I knew this was the start to an amazing transformation and to the ME I always wanted and knew was in there! ☺️ I am so very grateful to Arlene for helping to change my life and I would highly recommend her. ❤️

~Sara C

So ever since a reading I got last week, followed by my session with Candace Charee, and falling SO deeply in love with someone else that it's putting me to tears, I've been shifting in ways I didn't even THINK was possible!
My MASSIVE awakening with Candace allowed my heart to open up SO much that I'm not sure I even want this one person I wanted to be with for 2.5 years anymore...

And it's because I've come to realize that my twin flame IS ME. And as much as I loved her and always will, if we're not together in this lifetime, I'm also OK with that...I've realized that I can recreate her in another person and be just as happy, if not even happier because I was more specific in what I wanted in a relationship!

I'm still processing this new way of thinking, but my God, it's so freeing! It's like I BROKE FREE from all the limitations I put on myself just because it HAD to be her!

And the truth is that it CAN, but it doesn't have to be. Because my self love is more important than one specific person. 

I will be applying this to my financial abundance goals and see what happens, somehow knowing that it will take me to where I want to go!

~Michael A