Soooooo, here I am to write a review with my experience connecting to the lovely Candace Charee for a reading into my energy/coaching guide which the reading I aimed for more in general to go with flow, and she felt the need to grab tuning forks which is usually for healing sessions but act as a tool to take you through the timeline of your biofield (Correct me if I’m wrong on the description or not clear enough) which is perfect since the tunes took her through the field picking up on my lack of self-love, self-confidence, triggers, darkness and etc which lead her to the present where everything lightened up.

Talk about full circle too because just the past two days I was introducing others who were open to Neville Goddard’s advice, and certain terms I would typically use were now being repeated even one I use where I say, “I’ll be your cheerleader!” I’m pretty sure she said, “I got your back.” which was told to me two days ago from a friend of mine named Vanessa and here’s Candace repeating it to me as well, so as I said it’s definitely full circle with a reminder how everyone is us pushed out especially when you’re keeping your intentions and vibes at a certain level plus the reminders are there in our reflections, so to hear all this was magically delicious.

She has plenty of wisdom to give as well along with examples on how she utilizes it then of course brings in scenarios she’s dealt with in her life to further give you clarity. It was definitely lovely to connect, and getting the reminder I needed that I’m on the right path too as well as my own advice I give is reflected back at me which as I said earlier gives me even more confidence.

So, that’s my experience. A fun loving caring conversation.

~Robert F.

In the last couple of days, I’ve had two sessions with Candace - the water healing and manifestation of love and have felt so comfortable and encouraged in each one. She has such a genuine way of connecting with people that are seen in a very little amount of coaches. She doesn’t just tell you what to do or how this life works but gets to know you, makes sure that you’re okay, and then keeps in contact after each one.
The water healing was an experience I won’t forget and definitely will want to revisit sometime soon. While I’ve done tarot readings in the past, hearing my higher self talk to me and give me all the words of encouragement I needed to hear and heal (that I was safe and beautiful) really helped solidify how much growth I’ve done and have left in me. That night I had a very vivid dream about my teeth (I had braces for six years and because of it was pulled into perfectionism) and about a predator who at that moment I finally fought back against. I was groomed online a couple of years back and was said very sexual things to when I was sixteen. But I’m not at all afraid to speak about them because they’ve made me stronger and that dream fortified that. Now, in the days after that session, I’ve been a lot more open with my emotions with other people and letting down my walls.
To the list of techniques that she’s given me and that I’m excited to put it into my daily routine.
I really can’t stress enough how wonderful she is. This journey has and always will be about healing and growing no matter what it is that you want, and Candace gets that. We’re perfectly flawed, but we have to come to terms with our pasts, too 💕💕

~Rachel F.

Candace is amazing. Today she helped me out in a pinch when I was feeling down, & it wasn’t even technically our scheduled appointment! She saw I was having a low moment and knew how to pull me out @ the right moment. She’s really helped me to get the concept of “this or something better” & not be frightened of it because its how we manifest the best version of our specific person FOR US. It’s ok to be selfish because we’re not changing (him) but rather how we show up for ourselves. She convinced me that there’s nothing to fear because anything and everything is working with me, the universe is @ MY command as is my specific person!! My success story will be forthcoming. ♥️

~lis B.

So ever since a reading I got last week, followed by my session with Candace Charee, and falling SO deeply in love with someone else that it's putting me to tears, I've been shifting in ways I didn't even THINK was possible!
My MASSIVE awakening with Candace allowed my heart to open up SO much that I'm not sure I even want this one person I wanted to be with for 2.5 years anymore...

And it's because I've come to realize that my twin flame IS ME. And as much as I loved her and always will, if we're not together in this lifetime, I'm also OK with that...I've realized that I can recreate her in another person and be just as happy, if not even happier because I was more specific in what I wanted in a relationship!

I'm still processing this new way of thinking, but my God, it's so freeing! It's like I BROKE FREE from all the limitations I put on myself just because it HAD to be her!

And the truth is that it CAN, but it doesn't have to be. Because my self love is more important than one specific person. 

I will be applying this to my financial abundance goals and see what happens, somehow knowing that it will take me to where I want to go!

~Michael A

Candace provides real-life, applicable feedback and support for your journey, whatever the goal is.  She is genuinely caring and sweet, but communicates with that 'best friend' honesty.  


Her gifted ability to connect to people's energy and higher self allows additional information to help you along your inner healing on the 'manifest a specific person'. Helpful for mirroring any 'blind spots' between you and a specific person.


Candace has CHANGED MY LIFE! I have been working with her for a few weeks and she has really helped transform everything I was dealing with. I don't even know where to begin...I have manifested back the man I had been trying to be with for the past year! She taught me how to love myself again and make ME the priority! She taught me simple tricks to get him to do certain things and reflect my own self love. Its really amazing what loving yourself can do for your life! It sounds so simple and easy, but it does take work and its worth it! I am living proof. I can't recommend her services enough! Please do yourself a favor and book a session! 

~Jen W.  

I just had a session with Candace and I was in tears most of the time! She TRULY got me! It was as if she was inside my soul speaking to me. It was almost freaky how well she was able to read my higher self and know what I was feeling. I loved it so much and feel a million times better than before we spoke today. I am so thankful for her gentle nature yet truthful and bold approach. She wants the best for her clients and it shows! She isn't doing this to just make money, it really feels like her calling and passion in life. I am so thankful I found her site and booked! Thanks again, Candace! I will be booking again.

~Veronica L. 

A friend of mine referred me to Candace's site and I was nervous about booking a session. I have never worked with a "coach" before and have always wanted to. Money is tight and I was worried I wouldn't feel like it was worth it. Boy was I wrong! I came to her for help with my body image and self esteem. i have struggled with this my whole life and I wanted someone who specialized in healing people from shame and body image issues. She was the perfect coach for me! She could relate on so many levels and told me exactly what I need to do to slim my body and change some image things. I have been doing this now for a week and I have TOTALLY slimmed my body and other areas are changing! I can barely believe it and neither can my friends. i am referring everyone I know to her now! Best decision ever. Don't question it! Just do it. 

~Staci B.

Hi Everyone, I wanted to let you all know that I had a session with her the other day. Not only was she accommodating to my time and need for an immediate call, but once I was done I felt so much better. She was soft, kind and to the point. She hammered a lot home for me and gave me perspective from a different light. Engraining in my head that my outcome is done but just on the other side of my own work. I felt so much peace when I the call was completed. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

~DeAnna R. 

Hi Everyone! I just wanted to pop on here and share my experience with coaching with Candace Charee. First of all, WOW! I love her beautiful, kind, supportive energy. I felt that she was very open and nonjudgmental about my goals and was able to help me come up with a plan for healing. Healing past trauma is something that I always felt I wanted and needed to do, but was not sure where to start. I had felt overwhelmed previously with shadow work, but Candace was able to provide support for me and helped me brainstorm some effective, yet manageable, strategies for me to address the past and start healing from it in a way that would help me actually reflect said changes into my reality :) Thank you, I cannot wait for our next session xo

~Juhee G. 

I had a session yesterday with Candace Charee and I was able to find great comfort. In her reading she was able to deliver a message to me that I needed to hear, and offer me some to do's to get moving forward. The heart talks in the mirror and even in the car, the shower where ever I need it have been really helpful and I feel more calmness.

I was able to list all of my manifestations and well shit I am a ninja. I have more undesirable but I see it and how I am creating it. Now to keep on the work she gave me so I can move to the next step.

Thank you for your kindness, patience and guidance I look forward to working with you again 

~Kaleah A. 

I just wanted to say mirror work really works! I booked a session with Candace on Thursday and she walked me thru the steps on how to do mirror work and I kid you not, but today my manifesting came true! I needed money for a project I’m working on and had to pay tomorrow and today I received a check for that exact amount! My mind is blown! If you haven’t booked with Candace Charee already, well you need too! I’m a believer! Thank you for teaching this!

~Emily S.

I've been working with Candace since mid-March on manifesting a job and a specific person. Focusing on both have helped me remember that everything starts with me!


Juggling two manifestations taught me to prioritize myself. My inner peace, especially. I created daily rituals for structure and allowed myself to be with any discomfort. Remember that you are constantly creating with your mental diet and assumptions. 


I focused on embodying the feeling of confidence and gratitude. It helped to start my day with a gratitude list or meditation, instead of social media or checking the news/emails. When any anxious thoughts arose or the 3D triggered me, I would verbally state "Thank you Father within, Thank you Universe without" repeatedly.  Because I knew it was unfolding behind the Universe's curtain. 


Techniques that helped me were mirror work, revising, acting as if (fake phone calls), making lists of adjectives that describe how I feel having the desire, meditating. Only after grounding myself, though. Otherwise, techniques felt like pushing a boulder up a mountain. 


I received two job offers, but only accepted the second one. My assumptions were: "I am the chosen applicant" and that "circumstances are always perfect for my desires." I interrupted doubt with these assumptions. 


I suggest prioritizing peace of mind. Choose how you expend your energy and awareness. Because they create. I noticed that if I ate healthy and moved the energy (walks, etc.), I was in a better place to embody the feeling the desire was already mine. The self-love and confidence unfolds once you have compassion for yourself along the way and remember that only YOU create. Let yourself have fun and be distracted by hobbies. 


Remember that you create your reality. That the 3D is a shadow of past beliefs/assumptions. That everyone is you pushed out + any additional assumptions you hold down on them.  Remember who you are (the only creator) and claim your desires! Create assumptions from a place of knowing/feeling it as true in your body. 


Thank you so much for our session the other night. It’s taken me a few days to write this because I have been sitting with the feelings it brought up and processing within myself. I was very comfortable speaking with you immediately and felt like we talked as friends before going into the guided part. I’m not gonna lie - it was a little difficult to bring up old scenarios and bring up long suppressed emotions them - but it was beneficial to face them. For some reason I was not embarrassed to be vulnerable with you... I ugly cried and shared things about my past that were not pretty.


I felt no judgement or embarrassment, but like you sincerely wanted to help. There are other coaches out there who I feel have made a business for themselves (which is fine) but it’s taken away their sincerity and you get the feeling they just want to sell more sessions and they seem “checked out”. There is one in particular that got really popular on a FB group they started and then started coaching....completely stopped communicating in his group or answering any questions....until someone mentioned coaching with someone else and I saw him respond “who is that?” ...then silence. Turned me off to him completely.


My point is....charging for one on one coaching is fair...it’s therapy and a service - but when I pay money for a service it’s nice to feel like I’m not just another stranger with another story and you are regurgitatying the same old lines in order to satisfy your agenda - vs sincerely being in the moment with your client. You made this client feel like a friend...thank you. ❤️

~ Robyn H. 


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