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You have within you the ability to manifest wealth into your life effortlessly. 


Imagine having an endless supply of cash.

Imagine feeling confident about your finances.

Imagine being a millionaire… and a sexy one at that!


This is all closer than you may think. And I’m here to help.


I’m so excited to release the Sexy Millionaire meditation to help you reach your financial goals! This meditation includes the best visualization techniques and affirmation to become financially free once and for all.


Join me on this 30-minute meditation, with over 12 minutes guided by yours truly. 


Enjoy my meditation, you sexy millionaire! 

NOTE: Be sure to download the file after purchase, as the link expires after 30 days. This meditation is best listened to with headphones.

Sexy Millionaire Meditation

$97.00 Regular Price
$67.00Sale Price
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