This is a one of a kind meditation that will help you recreate someone in your life. This can be used for anyone you wish to see differently, or even for yourself. 


What you will want to do before hand is draw out the person on paper and next to body parts, write out the traits and attirubutes you wish for them to have.  I have a video on this in my facebook group, to learn more about it if you don't fully understand. 


We have the power to change others based on our assumptions of them. When you assume them differently, you can see rapid changes in their bevaior towards you specifically. 


This meditation will take you through the visualizing process of changing someone/seeing them differently. 


There is nothing else out there like this on the market. Get this new meditation today, to begin your journey to effortessly reprogramming your mind. 


Happy manifesting! I love you

Recreate Someone Meditation

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