This is a custom, one of a kind meditation designed just for YOU! This is based on the theory of saying "I remember when my specific person and I weren't together but NOW we are blissfully married." This concept was created by Neville Goddard and his teachings are unmatched in the metaphysical community. 


When you state something as "I remember when", you are telling your brain that what your current reality is, is now just the past and the new thing you replace it with becomes your present. It is basically instant revision. 


I love this way of affirming because it creates zero resistance in the mind. The brain doesn't say "ya right!" Instead, it says, hmm okay, lets make that happen! 


When you purchase this custom meditation, you will be sent a digital picture with detailed instructions on how to proceed with the order. 


Please allow 7 full BUSINESS days to deliver your meditation. I anticipate these will sell very well and I will need plenty of time to complete all of them. 


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CUSTOM "I remember when" specific person guided meditation

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