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I'm Candace Charee'

I’m a manifestation expert, innovative mindset coach, and founder of Effortless Manifesting, LLC, where I specialize in helping people, just like you, manifest the lives of their dreams. By fusing practical strategies with the teachings of esteemed manifestation teacher Neville Goddard, I walk my students down the path of elevating to the next level and creating their best lives.



I’ve had the privilege of working with thousands of individuals to reprogram their old subconscious beliefs, recreate themselves, and become true to the creator inside of them. As an empathetic energy healer, I lessen the pain and trauma that may be blocking my students’ manifestation process. By harnessing my gift of energy reading, I have the ability to tap into a person’s higher self and read what is happening within them at the moment. 


You may also know me as the creator of Neurocognitive Reprogramming, a method of reprogramming limiting beliefs and past trauma. I think beyond traditional manifesting to effortlessly create your reality. Whether it’s money, a job, love, or anything in between, I want to help you have anything you can desire…while having fun!



Candace is LOVE. There are many spiritual teachers and coaches out there but the sense of warmth that Candace executes is unparalleled. She really cares and it shows. I remember when I used to struggle with my self-concept in terms of how I was showing up in my relationships but now I have transformed so much!


My SP and I are getting married soon, my career is taking off, I am surrounded by the most loving people, my new family is wonderful, I have a community of loving, supportive, positive friends who keep me positive. My life is amazing and getting better every day.


The most fundamental change in me through following her teachings is I have learned really strengthened my self-concept and put myself first, learned to take time to cater to my own needs, love my own company thoroughly. I have shed all guilt that I used to harbor when I invested in myself previously.


Now I love myself so freaking much and I am completely unashamed about it. And this has really helped with everything in my life. Candace has taught me to embody my goddess self. I look forward to learning more from her.”

-Shagufe H.

I have to share how valuable Candace’s Vip Group is.

I’m not just talking about manifesting money or material things. That can be fun and trust me... I adore money showing up effortlessly and All her insight is on point!


What I’m talking about is I’ve never opened up to love... it’s always been a hard NO! I’ve been falling madly in love with myself and people have been complimenting me, gravitating to me and I have built my self-belief.

It’s like the compound effect. I see it in my business and with men showing interest in me. It’s spilling into everything... like I have the Midas touch!


But the biggest change is I LOVE ME. I’m seeing myself as irresistible, seductive, and magnetic to all of my desires. The tools she gives in that group are far more valuable than the monthly cost. I have 5 of her meditations and they are worth incredibly more than she is asking. I did the numbers for my business projections this month and I can confidently say I will be hitting well over 5 figures. My goal is big enough to scare me but I know it will manifest.

I see big things for her coming and I’m intuitive AF... so get in NOW! 

Jessie B. 

I was having an issue of just being stuck and unsure if this was real with my SP. I decided to book a reprogramming session with Candace.


Today was amazing. I cried tears of joy. If any of you really want to get married I promise it's worth it. She has the tools and the proof that it works. You have to experience it for yourself.


After our session, my SP and I had a long talk. He loves me and only me. I'm preparing for my proposal. I just booked my bridal fitting because it's happening and I am not taking no for an answer.



I stay in the VIP group now but I successfully manifested my dream family car today! Paid for it this morning and picking it up after work this evening it is so exciting I did this for myself!


I've always had a vehicle I wanted in mind and last year Dec. 31 I think it was Jenna who posted for us to make a list of things we wanted to manifest this year and not to look at that list until Dec. 31st this year. A 3rd row SUV was on my list I wasn't specific at the time on what type I wanted it and kept seeing Buick Enclaves and decided I really want that and that actually only started 2 weeks ago and every day I affirmed I'm the woman who has it all and always gets what she wants and this whole week I affirmed this vehicle would be mine.


Pretty much let it go beforehand though not thinking about how I would get this kind of vehicle it fell into place right after successfully manifesting a better paying job that I started about 3 weeks ago. You can have anything you want! Believe in yourselves!

Brooke A.

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This is my amazing twelve page guide on how to manifest exactly what you desire! 



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This is my straightforward daily checklist to keep you happy and healthy and thriving. 



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If you're looking to attract abundance and wealth, this is the guide for you! 



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