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Welcome to Effortless Manifesting with Candace Charee! Here I will show you how to manifest effortlessly and have everything you've ever dreamed of! I will guide you on a path to enlightenment and peace. Everything starts with self, and knowing who you are where you've come from. We all tend to forget our power from time to time and I will show you how to harness the creator within you, unleashing your true potential as a spiritual being having a human experience. I think beyond traditional "manifesting" and show you how to truly create your reality around you. It should be easy and effortless and FUN! If you're not having fun, you're not really living! I want to help you achieve anything you desire, whether that is love, money, a job, material things, or just mastering oneself, Effortless Manifesting is the one stop shop for all things manifesting and love. Book a session today to begin your journey to wholeness. 

Candace Charee

Candace Charee is an innovative coach who has created Neurocognitive Reprogramming, a method of reprogramming limiting beliefs and past trauma.  She knows how to manifest effortlessly and does so daily. She has been coaching individuals for many years. She has a background in film, music and entertainment so she understands the 3D world very well. She also understands what it means to live inside her imagination where all suffering is erased.


She is ready to help her clients elevate to the next level of living their best lives through self love, reprogramming old subconscious beliefs ,determination and being true to the creator within them. She is also an empathetic energy healer and can connect with a person and erase pain and trauma. She is a gifted energy reader and can tap into a persons higher self, reading what is happening within them at the moment. She can do this for a specific person or for you specifically. She is well versed in the healing modality of tuning forks, water healing and foot zoning. Click the text to book a session with her. 

Just like the hummingbird, fly, even when it appears impossible! 

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